Rates and Insurance

Jordan DeJong, LPC and Jeffrey Plankeel, LCSW both have the same counseling rates for self-pay therapy.  We may differ at times in terms of which insurance plans we are accepting either in or out of network.  Both counselors will submit electronic billing on your behalf to your insurance companies even if we are out of network.  In network, your therapy will often be free to you or will involve a copay - typically between $10-60 per session.  At times, you may have a deductible, which means you will be responsible for payment until the deductible amount is met.  Please contact your insurance company if you have questions about this.  Out of network, often you will be reimbursed by your insurance company at 50-65% of your session fee after paying your provider - assuming your deductible has already been met.   This is often true of clients seeing Jeffrey Plankeel, LCSW with Blue Cross / Blue Shield and United HealthCare.  After paying the session fee, we will submit your claim and often you will get partial reimbursement by your insurance company via a check in the mail.  At times, we may opt to close to certain insurances due to either low reimbursement rates or to problems working administratively with a particular company.  Often, this is the case with VA Choice, Tricare for couples therapy (not individual therapy), ChampVA, and both Cigna and Aetna EAP.  

Plankeel Counseling Self-Pay Rates

Jeffrey Plankeel, LCSW  

$150 intake / $140 ongoing 

Beth Kirk-Small, LMFT

$125 intake / $110 ongoing

All providers offer 90 minute intakes and 60 minute follow-up sessions typically on weekly, biweekly, or monthly intervals

Current insurances being accepted at this time

Beth Kirk-Small, LMFT

United HealthCare, Cigna, Tricare, Aetna, and Cash Pay

Jeff Plankeel, LCSW

Cash Pay only 

(Jeff may make some exceptions for clients at times, but most of his insurance slots are currently taken.  Jeff is paneled with Cigna, Aetna, Tricare, BCBS, and Medicare and is continuing to see his existing clients using insurance)

At times, we may opt to close to certain insurances due to either low reimbursement rates, problems working administratively with a particular company and getting reimbursed smoothly, or due to capacity issues to be certain each clinician has a range of clients with various payment methods to include clients not using insurance for their care.  You are responsible for any fees that your insurance company does not pay.  If your provider accepts your particular insurance such as Jeff being in-network with Medicare, they will not be able to see you as a cash payment client due to contracting rules.  We do not take any clients who have Medicaid as this is a state rule even if you wanted to cash pay and not use your Medicaid insurance