Beth Kirk-Small, LMFT

Are you looking for an individual or a marriage therapist? At Plankeel Counseling, we know with the pandemic that this has been difficult to find a therapist available to see. We have three therapists whose schedules are all full, so we just hired Beth Kirk-Small, LMFT to join our team. She has immediate availability on Thursdays and Saturdays and you can call her, email her, or schedule an intake at our website:

Here is her clinical biography:

Well into middle age, I went back to school at Regis University for a master’s degree. In 2016, I became a licensed marriage and family therapist. Along the way, I worked at a local psychiatric hospital named Peak View, providing therapy to teens and support to their families. It was here that I learned the importance of understanding the context of a person’s life before jumping in with an offer to help – the key importance of listening to every person’s story.

Then, for six years, I worked at Safe Passage, the children’s advocacy center in Colorado Springs. This is a safe place where kids and teens go after they’ve disclosed sexual and/or physical abuse and law enforcement has begun an investigation. I was a family support advocate and provided resources and services to help parents. I also was a forensic interviewer and listened to children talk about their abuse and served as a professional witness in court. I encourage you, when your voice is finally heard, healing can begin.

In March of 2021, I joined Plankeel Counseling, LLC as an independent contractor to provide therapy to teens, adults, and couples in the private practice setting. Let me help you turn the page and create a new narrative that you choose for yourself that works for your healing and thriving in life. I look forward to your call.

Feel feel to reach out by phone, email, or simply schedule online today.