Beth Kirk-Small, LMFT

Well into middle age, I went back to school at Regis University for a master’s degree.

I was ready to take a different path in life and I have always enjoyed learning. In

2016, I became a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Along the way, I worked at a local psychiatric hospital, providing therapy to teens

and support to their families. It was here that I learned the importance of

understanding the context of a person’s life – and the meaning we give to the stories

we tell ourselves.

Then, for six years, I worked at Safe Passage, the children’s advocacy center in

Colorado Springs. This is a safe place where kids and teens go after they’ve

disclosed sexual and/or physical abuse and law enforcement has begun an

investigation. I was a family support advocate and provided resources and services

to parents. I also was a forensic interviewer and listened to children talk about their

abuse. They taught me that when your voice is finally heard, healing can begin.

We all tell ourselves stories about our lives, our relationships, and the people we

love. These stories help us navigate our way around the past, the present, and the

future. But sometimes they stop serving us. Instead, our stories get in the way and

can leave us feeling stranded and trapped.

In March of 2021, I joined Plankeel Counseling, LLC as an independent 

contractor to provider therapy to teens, adults, and couples in the private practice 

setting. Let me help you turn the page and create a new 

narrative that you choose for yourself. One that feels comfortable and genuine. 

 One that reflects who you truly are. At the present time, 

I am immediately accepting new clients. I look forward to your outreach.  

Feel feel to reach out by phone, email, or simply schedule online at our website.